conflict in a story

How to Craft Powerful Conflicts In a Story

In real life, conflict is a force we tend to avoid. But in fiction, conflict is a driving force that demands the readers attention. Powerful conflict in a story will engage your readers and keep them on the edge of their seat. This article will go over how to craft conflict that will blow your […]

“Sabrina and Corina” is as powerful as literary fiction gets

“Sabrina and Corina” by Kali Fajardo-Anstine is as magical as literary fiction can get. While each character in every story is different from the rest, they still flow together as they universally focus on the relationships between various Latin women with Indigenous descent residing in Denver, Colorado. These relationships vary from sisters to distant cousins […]

Who are beta readers and what do they do?

If you’ve been in the writing game for a while then you’ve probably heard the phrase “beta readers”. But, who are these people and where do you find them? Beta readers are typically unpaid volunteers that will gladly read your manuscript and provide you with feedback. In return, it’s a nice gesture to give them […]

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