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How Developmental Editing Services Will Enhance Your Story

What is developmental editing?

You’ve heard of beta readers–readers who are usually friends, family, or even strangers. They will read your book and give you feedback.  But, professional developmental editing is different. Instead of giving quick feedback, professional developmental editors provide qualified, in-depth critiques and suggestions. These critiques will have publishers in mind and will guarantee publishing success. Take a look at my professional developmental editing services. My services will provide you with authentic critiques, helpful suggestions, and publishing advice.
beta reading services

Developmental Editing Service

My professional Developmental Editing Package can be applied toward fictional short stories, novellas, or novels. 

Your developmental editing package will include the following: 

Full Read Through

I will read your entire story, so that I can provide you with accurate & beneficial critiques.

In-Depth Editorial Letter

You will receive an in-depth editorial critique report that will cover every element in your story from plot to setting to characterization. This will help you write your revisions and get you closer to being published.

Substantive In-line Comments

 These in-line sidebar critiques will focus on the minute details of your story that won’t make it in the official report. This is especially helpful when you’re writing your final draft before sending it to an editor.

Rush Delivery*

As an add-on, you can receive rush delivery. I will deliver short stories in 10 days, but with this add-on, you will receive your story within 6 days. I deliver novellas in 14 days, but with this, you will receive it in 10 days. And, I deliver novels in 18 days, but with this, you will receive your critiques within 14 days.


Short Story Package

For manuscripts under 10,000 words
. 03¢
per word

  • Full Read Through
  • In-Depth Critique Report
  • 10-Day Delivery

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Novella Package

For manuscripts from 10,000 to 40,000 words
. 02¢
per word

  • Full Read Through
  • In-Depth Critique Report
  • 14-Day Delivery

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Novel Package

For manuscripts with more than 40,000 words
. 01¢
per word

  • Full Read Through
  • In-Depth Critique Report
  • 18-Day Delivery

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

How Professional Critiques Will Help You Perfect Your Story

In your personalized editorial critique letter I will go over the following story elements: 

The Pros – What’s working within the story.

Character Development – Do the characters seem realistic? How are they developing throughout the story? 
Overall Plot – Does this story make sense and perfectly flow from beginning to end? 
Conflict & Tension – Does this story do a good job of establishing conflict and pulling the reader in? What kind of conflict are we dealing with? 
Resolution – How does the story resolve? Does it end too quickly? Or too slow? Or not at all? 
Plot Holes/Story Gaps – Are there parts within the story that don’t belong or are missing? 
Setting – Is it working for the story? 
Pace – Does the story move at an efficient pace, or is it too fast or slow? 
Theme – What is the underlying theme of this story? Nature V. Man? Good V. Evil? Coming-of-age? 
Letter – I will also include a personal letter containing my overall thoughts and what steps you should take moving forward.  

These critiques will give you a greater understanding of what needs work within your text so that you can fix them in your next draft. Editors and agents will look for these elements, and it’s my job to ensure you’re set up for success. 

Hear From My Clients

J.G.P MacAdam
J.G.P MacAdamSci-Fi Author Read More
I found Diamond’s critique services to be one of a kind. I truly feel lucky to have found such a reliable, honest and professional reader. Her feedback helped me to strengthen my novel precisely where it needed it by pointing out both what’s working and what’s not in a well organized report. I will certainly be coming back to Diamond for my next project.
Luke Manzari
Luke ManzariAuthor of upcoming Manga Read More
thank you so much! this gig really helped me relieve what I needed to change in the my story, it was super helpful! 1000% would recommend. I will be reordering soon 🙂

Fenley Cooper
Fenley Cooper@FenleyCooper Read More

Thanks to your awesome beta read that was really a dev edit, I got an immediate request to see the whole manuscript. I felt as if you guided me the whole way, and I’m a longtime vet.


Most frequent questions and answers

When Can I expect my critiques?

For novels, I will deliver your critique report in 18 days time. 

For novellas, I will deliver your critique report in 14 days time.

For short stories, I will deliver your critique report in 10 days time. 

If you need rush delivery, I can deliver reports in 4 days less for an extra $30.


For add-ons you can receive:

  1. Rush Delivery – For an extra $30, I will deliver your PDF critique report within 4 days less time. 

Do you provide revisions?

Yes. I will provide 2 revisions free of charge, meaning that if you are not happy with your critique report, or if something isn’t clear, I will revise the document to your liking. 

Preferred genres?

I am specialized to critique any genre, except for non-fiction works. Non-fiction requires a different set of mastery tools, which I do not have. However, I can critique any work. My favorite genres to read are sci-fi, fantasy, and literary fiction.

Return Policy

All sales are final and there are no returns. If you were not satisfied with your purchase, I am more than happy to work with you to help you understand my comments to help with your next draft.

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