Rick and Morty: A Rickview

By: Daniel Velasquez

          Science Fiction has always been something that has caught the public’s attention, leaving us to wonder about life’s various possibilities. From space, time, aliens, and the unknown, we usually end up having more questions than answers. Rick and Morty keeps us asking more questions while accomplishing being an entertaining Sci-fi/Comedy animated show. This cartoon poses scientific ideas in a fun & very interesting light leaving its audience in complete amazement & even confusion at times. 

          Similar to a much loved show Adventure Time, Rick and Morty manages to capture more than just the teenager’s eye, but also an older adult audience as well. From its more light hearted chuckles to its dark and twisted humor, this show will leave the adults wanting more for once. 

         Our main characters, Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty, take us on wild adventures not only across the galaxy but also through countless dimensions. It’s hilarious to watch this grandfather-grandson duo tackle the many obstacles they have to jump through together. Though Rick and Morty will leave a smile on your face and an unbearable pain in your stomach from laughing too hard, this cartoon still finds a way to spark your thinking as it delves into deeper issues of each character’s life. This is especially true when Rick is faced with his own self-hatred & Beth and Jerry’s marriage problems. So don’t be alarmed when you find yourself halfway into a Rick and Morty episode at 3 am depressed about fictional characters you can somehow always relate to. 

          Humor, thrill, drama, you name it- this shows got it. If you’re looking for something completely out of the ordinary like an old man that burps in every sentence & can outsmart the devil, then I would highly recommend watching it. With its goofy sense of humor to its darker side, Rick and Morty is a captivating show for most ages.

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