Why Bojack Horseman Season 4 Is The Best Yet

By: Diamond Braxton

                            *This review contains spoilers*

Season Four of Bojack Horseman was… intense. 

This season took an emotional turn for almost every character in the show- except for Todd. And even though Bojack disappeared for an entire year and a half cooped up inside his childhood home, he is STILL an asshole. 

Princess Carolyn has taken milestone steps with her mouse lover, however, after numerous miscarriages, Carolyn pushes away the people closest to her and drinks away her sorrows. This specific episode was actually a tear fest for me, so make sure to have the tissues nearby. Diane is having serious doubts about her marriage with Mr. Peanutbutter. And Bojack somehow finds himself living with his mother and his DAUGHTER that he never knew about. Talk about a depressing turn of events. 

Although I didn’t feel as though there was any true character development for anyone (except for Todd), this season was a excellent set up for the development we should expect to see next season. The show ends with us feeling extremely empty and empathetic towards our beloved animal friends. Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter may end up separating, Princess Carolyn may never have the family she’s always wanted, Bojack’s mother is suffering from severe dementia- however the show does end on a promising note. 

Bojack Horseman hurts us because it feels so real. We mourn for our characters, we want Bojack to be better, but we also understand why it is so hard for him to change. As the show begins to go more into the backstory of his parents and his childhood, we have to understand why Bojack is the way he is. However, I have high hopes that the next season will be more lighthearted as our characters figure out their true ways to defeat their depression and move towards happier lives. 

In my opinion, Season 4 is the best one yet, and it deserves 5 stars. 

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