‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ Gets Bigger, Badder and Better

“From November to New Year’s, I’m just one giant stress ball.”

‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ sees mothers Amy (Mila Kunis), Kiki (Kristen Bell) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) prepping for Christmas with not only their children, but their own moms. In this holiday-themed installment, there’s even more hilarity and shenanigans involved as the moms set out to take back Christmas for their families and make the stressful winter season something they can enjoy, too (whether their mothers and fellow PTA members like it or not).

Chock full of the same entirely inappropriate humor and hysterical insanity as the first, this time around is even better. There are a few well-placed callbacks to the previous movie, featuring old characters we grew to love, but with this sequel we have several new ones thrust at us as abruptly as they show up on the moms’ doorsteps — Amy’s flawlessly put-together and pristine mom Ruth (Christine Baranski), Kiki’s slightly… overbearing mom (Cheryl Hines) and Carla’s rock-and-roll mom Isis (Susan Sarandon).

They’re exactly how they sound, but just wait: they get even better.

Though the dynamics between mothers and daughters are fairly predictable, they’re no less entertaining — and touching, for that matter. That said, this film isn’t just geared towards mothers, daughters and women in general; it’s good fun for everyone(above the age of 17, that is). Part of that universality is down to the fact that no one draws humor from racism or sexism. It’s refreshing, especially when so much of comedy can often slip into the offensive just to get cheap laughs.

I’ve also noticed that in these comedy ensemble movies, there’s always one character who makes the movie with their jokes more than anyone else (Tiffany Haddish in Girls Trip, anyone?), and for me that was Kathryn Hahn. She’s effortless in her delivery, and paired up with Susan Sarandon (who plays her mother Isis), she easily steals every single scene she’s in. As devil-may-care as her character Carla is, Hahn gives off the same vibe in the sense that she’s a total natural when playing it up for comedic and emotional effect. Her arc was my favorite, though admittedly it’s a tough call when all of our leading ladies are riots in their own right.

Perfect for getting into the holiday spirit — it’s never too early! — ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ pulls out all the stops, and not just decorations-wise. There’s definitely enough material for a movie for each holiday (maybe a year’s worth of holidays? Just an idea — imagine Valentine’s Day or, better yet, Mother’s Day), but more than that, without giving too much away — there’s definitely potential for a grandmoms movie.

‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ is…

While it’s not likely to win an Academy Award, it’s a fun time in the theater, and you get what you pay for. It’s almost two months early, but hey, who doesn’t love a good, raunchy Christmas movie in November? It’s easy, sure to get some good laughs, squeeze a couple of tears out and make you wish your family was half as crazy at Christmas. But basically, if you thought the chemistry between Kunis, Bell and Hahn was amazing, wait until you get a load of Baranski, Hines and Sarandon — then brace yourselves for how explosive the six women are, all on one screen.

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